Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Feast Day

Today is Katharine Drexel's saint day -- her birthday and the celebration of her feast day. 

I have had too much time contemplating the lives of children who have lost their mothers of late.

My mind always turns to Katharine (Katie - I can't imagine her that way, but that is who she was as an orphan)... and my grandmother. 

I have to write an eulogy for another woman who started out in life in that same way... my heart is heavy, so today I have been asking St. Katharine Drexel for her guidance. 

I remember sitting in the shrine, tears streaming down my face, as I tried to share with Saint Katharine all the petitions from my friends and family.  I am guessing all she can really do is hold our wants and wishes, hopes and desires, sorrows and joys.  But sometimes that is all we need, someone to hold it for us for a while.

Hold my heart, Katie, and lead me to the *right* words.


The shrine has a new (to me) interactive timeline if you want to know more about Katharine's life.

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